Gfinity, held in London, England, is shaping up to be one of Europe's biggest Call of Duty Tournaments. Ten of the best teams are going to battle it out for a $55,000 prize pot for your entertainment!

Team List:

Alpha Pool

  • Unite Gaming (EU)
  • Team Prophecy (EU)
  • OpTic Gaming (NA)
  • Ozone Giants (EU)
  • Complexity (NA)

Bravo Pool

  • Curse EU (EU)
  • Team EnVyUs (NA)
  • TCM Gaming (EU)
  • Team Impact (NA)
  • Team AAA (EU)


Saturday - 7/13/13

5:30am - Team Prophecy vs Unite gaming / Team EnVyUs vs Curse EU

6:45am - OpTic Gaming vs Ozone Giants / TCM Gaming vs Team AAA

8:00am - Complexity vs Team Prophecy / Curse EU vs Team Impact

9:15am - Unite Gaming vs OpTic Gaming / Team EnVyus vs TCM Gaming

10:30am - Ozone Giants vs Compexity Gaming / Team AAA vs Team Impact

11:45am - Team Prophecy vs OpTic Gaming / TCM Gaming vs Curse EU

1:00pm - Complexity vs Unite Gaming / Team AAA vs Team EnVyus

2:15pm - Ozone Giants vs Team Prophecy vs team Impact vs TCM Gaming

3:30pm - OpTic Gaming vs Complexity / Curse EU vs Team AAA

4:45pm - Unite Gaming vs Ozone Giants / team Impact vs Team EnVyUs

Sunday - 7/14/13

8:00am - 1st Group A vs 4th Group B (Quarter Final 1)

9:30am - 2nd Group A vs 3rd Group B (Quarter Final 2)

11:00am - 3rd Group A vs 2nd Group B (Quarter Final 3)

12:30pm - 4th Group A vs 1st Group B (Quarter Final 4)

2:00pm - Winner QF1 vs Winner QF3 (Semi Finals 1)

3:30pm - Winner QF2 vs Winner QF4 (Semi Finals 2)

5:00pm - FINALS

(All times have been converted from GMT)


Gfinity Alpha

Gfinity Bravo